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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Seek better results while saving time & energy. 

Gain financial “peace of mind” and confidence in what's ahead. 

Your destination, our map


We want to consider all of the items that matter and that you would expect a competent, caring partner to address with you. 

Our conversations typically include your opportunities throughout life (and after): towards managing money, achieving goals, peace of mind, and fulfillment.

Want a deeper dive on what we can do with clients?  Are you effectively funding retirement (before and during), making tax-efficient decisions throughout your life, making the most of your income and your savings, prioritizing debt reduction versus saving and investing, funding higher education for children and support for aging parents, holding the right amount and types of insurance coverage (when needed – and when to stop paying), pursing strategies to claim Social Security and Medicare, properly using qualified plans (401k, 403b, 457) and all tax-favored accounts (taxable, IRA, Roth IRA, health savings accounts), maximizing charitable giving (to family, loved ones, and to deductible causes), communicating the fundamentals and ethics of wealth to younger generations?

Seek higher expected returns

We can help you improve investment outcomes by focusing on factors that really matter: lowering costs while maintaining quality, lowering your tax burden, and maintaining the right asset allocation (the division of your portfolio between growth and preservation assets.)

We can help you identify Opportunities and avoid common investment mistakes:

  • Surrendering to anxiety, fear, or uncertainty in bad financial times.
  • Chasing what’s hot, a “fear of missing out”, and uncertainty in good financial times.
  • Speculating (gambling) when you believe you’re investing.
  • Investing for current yield instead of total return.
  • Over-using leverage (borrowed money).
  • Over-diversification and under-diversification.

Tax matters

We believe “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep” that matters. We take into consideration the lifetime tax consequences of our recommendations.

We advise our clients how to save and invest, and how to withdraw their funds in a tax-efficient way. We understand the impact of taxes on qualified and non-qualified accounts, life insurance, annuities, Social Security benefits, trusts, education, divorce, fund distributions, gifts and charitable giving plans.

We want to work closely with your tax professional to extend their traditional role of tax preparation towards lifetime tax planning.

Working With Us Is Easy

We understand time is your most precious asset.
We customize our process, depending on your needs, goals and requirements.

We can meet as little – or as much – as you would find helpful. Meetings are in person, via videoconference, or over the phone. 

We can provide as much – or as little – detail as you want. 

We can make it possible for you to delegate as much – or as little – as you want. 

We can assist you with creating, monitoring and adherence to an agreed-upon plan. 

We can create reports customized for you, which avoid boilerplate and insider jargon and focus on information you care about, presented in a way that’s straightforward and that you’re motivated to implement with us.

We do everything we can to make our partnership with you As productive, flexible and stress-free as possible.

If you are interested in more details about our approach to financial planning,
click here to read our White Paper: WHY HIRE A FINANCIAL PARTNER?

Here's our commitment to you:

We will always put your interest first

We are a family business. We relate to our clients the way we treat each other: with kindness, respect and integrity. This philosophy guides everything we do. 

In addition to our legal obligation to disclose all conflicts of interest and always place your interest above ours, we have voluntarily agreed to be bound by the fiduciary oath adopted by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

This oath requires us to:

  • Always act in good faith and with candor.
  • Be proactive in disclosing any conflicts of interest that may impact a client.
  • Not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product.

Fewer than 1% of advisors nationwide have agreed to abide by NAPFA’s Fiduciary Oath.

We are a CEFEX-certified Firm 

We are one of the small number of advisory firms certified by the Centre For Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX Registration No: CFX10370).

We are proud to be the first advisory firm in Nevada to earn CEFEX certification.

Why work with a CEFEX advisor

We voluntarily submit to an annual review by independent fiduciary experts. 

CEFEX certified firms adhere to the “Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence”, which means we abide by professional practice standards and always act in the best interest of our clients.



A Doctor, Dentist
or Other Medical Professional


Your needs are unique. Due to lengthy and expensive educational requirements you face a late start accumulating wealth. Whether you’re near retirement or you’re just starting your career, you value your limited free time and realize the importance of making evidence-based financial decisions.

Learn more

An Established Family or Individual


Your financial concerns range from wealth accumulation and distribution, to estate and retirement planning. Your focus may be on the peace of mind you would derive from knowing you and your loved ones can maintain your quality of life, and leave a legacy for your heirs or to designated charities, in a tax efficient manner.

Learn more

An Exceptional Young Professional


You need a “life plan” that’s comprehensive, tracks your progress, and deals with your unique concerns. You may need to balance paying off debt versus saving, all while planning for retirement. You may have a growing family. If so, your primary concern is providing for them — especially in the event of a premature death.

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We assist retirement plans, trust and endowments in structuring portfolios for the long term. We understand the delicate balance between risk and return and are cognizant of the need to minimize costs. In this litigious environment, you are concerned with liability and want to be sure you are meeting your fiduciary obligations.

Learn more