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Exceptional Young Professionals

Consider Open Window if you are an exceptional young professional looking for a long-term relationship with an advisor aligned with your interests, that shares your values, and who can grow with you.

Been there, seen that

You may have a spouse or a growing family.  If so, your primary concern is providing for them, while you are here and after your death—especially if you die prematurely. 

You may also be burdened by student or other debts, planning to buy a home, or transitioning to new employment. 

You might struggle to find the time to track expenses, prioritize debt reduction versus saving and investing, and engage in comprehensive retirement planning.  Life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care, and asset protection need to be addressed and resolved.

You may have unique needs, like supporting your parents or creating a trust to provide for a disabled child or grandchild.

You need a financial partner with the qualifications and expertise to deal with your unique issues.

The sooner you begin this journey, the more value we can add.  While you might not currently have significant savings, you have one asset of vast value: time.  Your time horizon gives us planning opportunities not available to investors who defer planning until later in life.

Man in suit - Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

We walk the walk

We eat our own cooking. We plan and invest for ourselves, our family and our loved ones the same way we advise you. 

Our financial planning and investment guidance are comprehensive and thoughtful. Our recommendations are personalized and based on prudent, time-tested, and peer-reviewed evidence. We are dedicated to your unique solution. We balance risk and return, cost and benefit in all we do.

Your side is our side

Our advice is objective.  We are only compensated by you.   We avoid conflicts of interest, disclose any we may have and resolve them in your favor.  We are totally committed to your best interest.

Taxes are a critical part of your finances.  We work to defer or minimize your lifetime tax burden whenever possible.  We structure your investments and withdrawals in a tax-efficient manner.  Our recommendations always consider tax implications.

Life is busy.  We understand.  We do everything we can to make working with us as easy as possible. We suggest that you delegate to us the heavy lifting, the problem solving, the stress – all of the items you don’t want to do or shouldn't do on your own.

Our window is open

We named our firm “Open Window” to convey making the most of the “windows of opportunity” in your life.  It also stands for transparency, honesty and the disinfecting component of sunlight in everything we do, including our advisory cost.