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The Money Scripts SUrvey

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Each of us has beliefs about money and how it works.

"Many of the most significant lessons we learned about money were absorbed rather than taught. 

Moreover, the most vivid teachings occurred during times of heightened emotions, searing them into our psyche and wrapping them in the mantle of ‘Truths That Must Not Be Questioned’. 

Many [lessons] were learned at developmental stages when we did not have the language or the insight to fully process them. 

As a result, the bulk of our beliefs about money lie well below the surface of our conscious awareness. They lie there, largely undetected, until the good ships Graduation, or Marriage, or Windfall, or Setback, come along and ram right into them." (Moria Somers, Ph.D. Advice That Sticks. 2018. Page 2)

Financial researchers have found that these beliefs typically fall into four categories, which they call “Money Scripts”.

If you are curious about your Money Scripts, click below to take our private and clinically tested evaluation.