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Add Or Update My "Trusted Contact"

Much like sharing an Emergency Contact, the sole purpose of sharing a "Trusted Contact" is to protect you.

Adding or updating a "Trusted Contact" allows us to contact this person (or persons) in an emergency, or if we cannot contact you after several repeated attempts over an extended period of time, or if we become concerned about you or perceive a serious diminution in your cognitive ability.

A "Trusted Contact" is absolutely not a power of attorney, and does not, in any manner whatsoever, confer upon such person any authority over you or your finances.

How to share a "Trusted Contact" using the form below:

Your acknowledgement: By sharing the name of a "Trusted Contact" in the space provided below, I, in the event of my death, disability, or the perceived diminution in my cognitive ability (or the inability to contact me after several repeated attempts over an extended period of time), hereby authorize Open Window Financial Solutions, Ltd. (“OPEN WINDOW”) to contact and share information pertaining to my advisory relationship, which may include information regarding my accounts with, and to discuss such accounts and related issues with such individual(s):

  1. Share your "Trusted Contact" information below, 
  2. then write your name in the "Message" box,
  3. then click 'SEND'.

OPEN WINDOW may continue to rely upon this authorization until I and/or my legal representative(s) has advised OPEN WINDOW, in writing, that such authority has been terminated. I agree that unless otherwise specifically prohibited by applicable securities laws, I hereby release and hold OPEN WINDOW and each of its officers, directors, members, employees, and agents harmless with respect to any and all claims that might result from OPEN WINDOW acting and/or relying upon this authorization.

Or, call us or email us directly at:

(775) 827-0670    |    advice@openwindowFS.com

Or, lets schedule some time together:

Have a more defined connection in mind?