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New alumni of the UNR School of Medicine Thumbnail

New alumni of the UNR School of Medicine

Joe's alumni message was featured in the UNR Med School's Summer 2019 issue of of Synapse magazine


Celebrating our 50th anniversary as a school, 2019 has been a banner year for UNR Med and the School of Medicine Alumni Association with many events to highlight.

We welcomed the graduates of the Class of 2019 into our alumni ranks on graduation day, Friday, May 17 at the Pioneer Center.

I was asked to describe how my experience as a 1976 graduate differed from that of my daughter, Anna—aka Dr.(!) Anna Hollen, a member of the Class of 2019.

Medical school is a different and better time with the aid of technology and multimedia. If you haven’t seen the school’s anatomy lab, it’s worth a special trip – what a huge upgrade from the old Quad location. Anna experienced many excellent clinical rotations in Reno, while I had just a few local preceptorships prior to my third year. Events like the White Coat Ceremony and an incredible Match Day experience are new. Things that haven’t changed are the small class sizes and a culture of caring.

My experience was excellent. Hers was outstanding.

Joe and his daughter, Anna (M.D. '19) 

On Saturday, March 16, the School of Medicine Alumni Association, with the help of Melissa O’Brien, director of continuing medical education and all-around CME guru, sponsored a half-day, multi-specialty event. 

Our speakers included Michael Bloch, M.D., “Moving Toward Primordial Prevention: What You Can Do About Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome;” Reka Danko, M.D. ’08, ’11R, “Everything You Need to Know About Opioids;” and Thomas R. Kozel, Ph.D., “Diagnosis of Cryptococcal Meningitis in the AIDS Patient.” Dr. Kozel’s rapid test for crypto, created at UNR Med, is saving an estimated 100,000 lives per year in Africa—astounding!

With nearly 50 participants – including Dr. Thomas L. Schwenk, UNR Med dean, and Dr. Cheryl Hug-English, UNR Med alumna and former dean – the University’s Moana Lane classroom was a great venue to enjoy breakfast, network and learn.

I would like to extend my thanks to the many hard-working individuals who continue to make us proud to be associated with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Thank you for all your efforts. I look forward to seeing each of you at future School of Medicine events.

Joe Hollen, M.D.

UNR Med Alumni Chapter President, 2018-2020