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Applying science and good sense to organize order from chaos

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Spring Cleaning Shred-It Event Thumbnail

Spring Cleaning Shred-It Event

Spring is an ideal time to clean up clutter. To assist you, Open Window is offering free document destruction from April 15th to 26th. Drop your documents by any time, or schedule a 'Secure Recycling' timeslot at www.openwindowFS.com/connection.

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Is Your Bank Underpaying On Your Savings? Thumbnail

Is Your Bank Underpaying On Your Savings?

Although yields on cash pay more than ever, don't assume your cash savings automatically receive a higher rate. Within, we help you weigh your cash bank account options, including the ideal use of checking, savings, and money market accounts for "retirees" and those "not yet retired."

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How To Buy Low & Sell High Thumbnail

How To Buy Low & Sell High

If there is a universal investment ideal, it is probably this: Buy low and sell high. There exists an unassuming process for doing just that, called "rebalancing," but it is often overlooked for more exciting ideas.

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Financial Best Practices for Year-End 2023 Thumbnail

Financial Best Practices for Year-End 2023

As winter settles in, reflect with us on sunnier times. Envision your finances as a garden—what actions would deserve your attention? Here are our four favorite items worth tending to as 2024 approaches… plus a reflection on how to make the most of the remaining year.

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What to Know - Medicare Premium "IRMAA" Thumbnail

What to Know - Medicare Premium "IRMAA"

Were you surprised to receive a Medicare IRMAA letter from the Social Security Administration? Beware that certain income levels can increase your Medicare premium by up to 286% - an increase called "IRMAA". And yet, some people might still pursue this increase. If you're among the 4% to 5% of all Part B beneficiaries who received an "IRMAA" letter, here's what you need to know.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15 Thumbnail

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15

It's the time of year again to review Medicare options. The Open Enrollment Period — which begins on October 15 and runs through December 7 —is an opportunity to switch to a better Medicare health and prescription drug plan. Let's review the Open Enrollment Period options and look at changes to Medicare benefits for 2024.

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Investment Ideas That Work Thumbnail

Investment Ideas That Work

Which specific investment ideas work, and can they be relied upon going forward? Within, we review the most important academic insights that, in aggregate, offer us a clearer pathway with which to navigate the world's daily twists and turns.

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Opportunity Calls: Fill Up The Valley Thumbnail

Opportunity Calls: Fill Up The Valley

Tax savings can be significant by targeting the “Valley of Opportunity” that appears during lower-income tax years. Life tends to present these valleys as predictable opportunities, occurring at certain times and even at specific ages. Make sure you’re prepared to act by “filling up the valley” to avoid leaving your future self, or your beneficiaries, with higher effective tax rates.

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Until Debt Tear Us Apart Thumbnail

Until Debt Tear Us Apart

Some perspectives on the US debt ceiling: Congress has acted to raise the debt ceiling 78 distinct times since 1960. As the current drama continues, let's consider the various potential outcomes and your most advisable financial strategy.

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Gold, Silver, & Bronze: Olympic Medals of Tax Planning Thumbnail

Gold, Silver, & Bronze: Olympic Medals of Tax Planning

How much of your recent efforts to file this year's taxes went towards confirming last year's actions? Over the years, all that backward-looking tax reporting adds up. You can bet that the IRS is keeping track. So, if you want to come out ahead on taxes next year (and in the years to follow), make sure you're being just as forward-looking about your money as the IRS is. Here's how.

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