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Gold, Silver, & Bronze: Olympic Medals of Tax Planning Thumbnail

Gold, Silver, & Bronze: Olympic Medals of Tax Planning

How much of your recent efforts to file this year's taxes went towards confirming last year's actions? Over the years, all that backward-looking tax reporting adds up. You can bet that the IRS is keeping track. So, if you want to come out ahead on taxes next year (and in the years to follow), make sure you're being just as forward-looking about your money as the IRS is. Here's how.

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Are You Getting Killed On Taxes? Myths & Tips Thumbnail

Are You Getting Killed On Taxes? Myths & Tips

A tax-focused understanding of your finances is a crucial component of preserving and growing wealth. With tax rates set to rise in 2026, a tax-focused financial strategy is now even more crucial, regardless of your age or income-level. Here are a few tips to get around the myths we see tripping up high-earners and good savers.

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The Stock Market Should Visit A Cardiologist Thumbnail

The Stock Market Should Visit A Cardiologist

An electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) of someone experiencing heart trouble looks eerily similar to the stock market from month to month. With so much volatility - up one day, down the next - and with the average individual investor’s portfolio declining 27% last year, it's no wonder investing in the stock market is viewed as risky. However, with the right investment approach, positive results are still the expectation rather than the exception, as we show within.

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What To Know - SECURE 2.0 Act Thumbnail

What To Know - SECURE 2.0 Act

Major highlights and an interactive checklist to help you to decipher the SECURE 2.0 Act, a 4,155-page bill enacted on December 29, 2022. Employers and the government play a role in your retirement, but much of the preparation ultimately falls on you. That’s America for you. The good news is, you get to call your own shots. The bad news is, you have to!

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Find That Lost 401(k)! Thumbnail

Find That Lost 401(k)!

Do you have a long-lost retirement account left with a former employer? Here's how to identify lost accounts and reclaim your money! From retirement accounts to refunded utility payments, safe deposit box contents, and more, you’d be surprised at what may have disappeared over the years!

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Remembering Summers Past Thumbnail

Remembering Summers Past

Heightened levels of market uncertainty across stock and bond markets alike may have left you once again wondering whether this time is different. Let's examine the severity of current events and consider what causes them to loom so large, while also recognizing how easy it is to rewrite memories of past challenges.

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We Make A Life In What We Give Thumbnail

We Make A Life In What We Give

We make a living in what we get, but we make a life in what we give. "It was scary to cut all of my hair off, but I felt like I was truly doing something meaningful for someone." If you're inspired by Lindsey's experience, please consider donating to Wigs for Kids through your Charitable Gift Fund or at www.wigsforkids.org/monetary-donation.

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Political Elections & Market Results Thumbnail

Political Elections & Market Results

While the outcomes of the November 2022 mid-term elections are uncertain, one thing we can count on is that plenty of opinions and prognostications will be floated in the months to come. Let's take a look at how U.S. markets have performed during or after a U.S. election. Can you identify a pattern?

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Too Costly To Hazard A Guess Thumbnail

Too Costly To Hazard A Guess

Markets often surge, just when we’re most convinced they never will. When you guess wrong, missing out on even a few of the market’s best days each year can have a significant impact on cumulative returns.

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