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Applying science and good sense to organize order from chaos

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Financial Best Practices for Year-End 2023 Thumbnail

Financial Best Practices for Year-End 2023

As winter settles in, reflect with us on sunnier times. Envision your finances as a garden—what actions would deserve your attention? Here are our four favorite items worth tending to as 2024 approaches… plus a reflection on how to make the most of the remaining year.

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Investment Ideas That Work Thumbnail

Investment Ideas That Work

Which specific investment ideas work, and can they be relied upon going forward? Within, we review the most important academic insights that, in aggregate, offer us a clearer pathway with which to navigate the world's daily twists and turns.

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Remembering Summers Past Thumbnail

Remembering Summers Past

Heightened levels of market uncertainty across stock and bond markets alike may have left you once again wondering whether this time is different. Let's examine the severity of current events and consider what causes them to loom so large, while also recognizing how easy it is to rewrite memories of past challenges.

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Too Costly To Hazard A Guess Thumbnail

Too Costly To Hazard A Guess

Markets often surge, just when we’re most convinced they never will. When you guess wrong, missing out on even a few of the market’s best days each year can have a significant impact on cumulative returns.

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De-stress Thumbnail


The coronavirus pandemic has created much additional stress but it also this silver lining: It’s caused us to be conscious of how fleeting life can be. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to recognize the pernicious effect of stress on our health and to start a program to de-stress.

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The Search for Certainty Thumbnail

The Search for Certainty

The anxiety caused by both a volatile stock market and an existential threat to our health transcends anything most of us have experienced. It’s very frustrating when we turn to “experts” and they can’t provide answers.

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