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Applying science and good sense to organize order from chaos

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Opportunity Calls: Fill Up The Valley Thumbnail

Opportunity Calls: Fill Up The Valley

Tax savings can be significant by targeting the “Valley of Opportunity” that appears during lower-income tax years. Life tends to present these valleys as predictable opportunities, occurring at certain times and even at specific ages. Make sure you’re prepared to act by “filling up the valley” to avoid leaving your future self, or your beneficiaries, with higher effective tax rates.

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The Stock Market Should Visit A Cardiologist Thumbnail

The Stock Market Should Visit A Cardiologist

An electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) of someone experiencing heart trouble looks eerily similar to the stock market from month to month. With so much volatility - up one day, down the next - and with the average individual investor’s portfolio declining 27% last year, it's no wonder investing in the stock market is viewed as risky. However, with the right investment approach, positive results are still the expectation rather than the exception, as we show within.

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Remembering Summers Past Thumbnail

Remembering Summers Past

Heightened levels of market uncertainty across stock and bond markets alike may have left you once again wondering whether this time is different. Let's examine the severity of current events and consider what causes them to loom so large, while also recognizing how easy it is to rewrite memories of past challenges.

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The Case of the Missing Bullet Holes Thumbnail

The Case of the Missing Bullet Holes

If you've been reading the daily headlines—watching markets stall, recover, and dip once again, you may be wondering whether there’s anything you can do to avoid the motion sickness. Surprisingly, when it comes to your life savings, "unpredictability" isn’t usually your biggest threat… attempting to avoid it is.

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